Exit the car by moving ‘up’ then go west, west, north, then east to meet Jack and Robert who will give you the key for the station washroom.

Go back to the south side of the gas station where the washroom door is. Unlock and open the door then enter the washroom by moving north.

Open the door then move south (twice) then move east. Enter the small car once again to verify there are no keys in the ignition.

Exit the car then move west, west, north, east then north. Examine the junk to find and take the matches.

Take the penetrating oil at the same spot the matches were found in the gas station.

Move south, east then examine the drawers to find the boat and car keys.

Take the boat key found in the drawer of the gas station.

Take the car key found in the drawer of the gas station.

Open the door to the east then enter it. Take the small compressor inside the service area.

Enter the disabled car then unlock the glove box. Open the glove box to reveal the trunk release button.

Press the trunk release button (move trunk release).

Take the old rags lying on the seat inside the disabled car.

Exit the disabled car (up) then examine the large barrels.

Use the old rags on the oil barrels to fully saturate them in oil.

Examine the now opened trunk to find a tire iron.

Take the tire iron.

Move west, west, west, west, north, east, south, east, north then east again to make your way to the “Crossman” back yard near the paddle boat.

Enter the paddle boat then move east once. Exit the paddle boat by moving up.

Move north, west then north again. Open the west door then move west twice to find Tammy who is dying.

Examine the photograph (not absolutely necessary) then try exiting the front door by moving north, open the door to the west, then move west. Youl will be chased behind some bushes in Tammy’s back yard.

Attempt to come out of hiding by moving north. Once the police are gone, move north again to climb the porch stairs.

Use the tire iron on the door to the west.

Move west then examine the drawers in the kitchen. Take the large knife that is found.

Move west, up, then north and examine the purse that was left in Tammy’s bedroom.

Take the truck key found in Tammy’s purse.

Go back to the trails behind Tammy’s house where the trail goes south to where the paddle boat was (from Tammy’s bedroom : south, down, east, east, south, east). Now move east, east,east, north, west, north, west then north to reach the end of the forest trail.

Take the dull axe.

Take the thick branch.

Use the oily rags on the thick branch to make a homemade torch.

Enter Tammy’s house again and go near the front door. Open the closed door to the east then move east. Once there, use the matches on the homemade torch.

Move down then examine the freezer to find the steaks. Take the steaks.

Go back to the “Crossman” house and position yourself near the back screened window. Use the large knife on the window to tear the screen.

Enter the window the take the shed key.

Exit the window (move east) then move south. Unlock the padlock of the large shed.

Enter the shed by moving south then take the small jack.

Go all the way back to the gas station then stand near the boat on the rusty trailer. Use the jack on the rusty trailer to jack it up.

Use the tire iron on the flat tires.

Take the flat tires.

Go back to the “Crossman” house and enter the back yard window. Use the small compressor on the power outlet to power it on.

Use the flat tires on the small compressor to inflate them.

Use the steaks on the dogs to distract them.

Open the gates.

Move south then down then open the door to the north. Move north to enter the workshop.

Take the marine tank in the workshop.

Make your way back to the gas station and stand by the rusty trailer. Use the inflated tires on the rusty trialer.

Use the lug nuts on the inflated tires.

Use the tire iron on the inflated tires to secure them to the trailer.

Go back to Tammy’s front yard and enter the midsized truck. Use the key ring to start the truck then drive it back to where the boat on the rusty trailer is.

Exit the truck (up) and examine it to find a hitch receiver but no hitch.

Move west and examine the car you arrived in.

Use the penetrating oil on the rusty hitch.

Use the dull axe on the hitch pin to knock it out.

Take the hitch pin.

Take the trailer hitch.

Move back to where the boat and truck are and use the trailer hitch on the truck’s hitch receiver.

Use the hitch pin on the trailer hitch.

Use the rusty trailer on the trailer hitch to get it ready for towing.

Enter the truck and start it by using the key ring on the ignition. Move west and drive to the boat launch area.

Move up to exit the truck then enter the boat now floating near the dock.

Examine the engine to find a gas line.

Use the marine tank on the gas line.

Put on the life jacket by using it on yourself.

Use the key ring on the boat ignition and move west towards town.

Take the blanket on the bed in the basement of the house you woke up in.

Move up to get out of bed, then move up to the top of the basement stairs.

Open the door to the west then move west, north the east. Open the front door to the east and move east.

Move south or west to hide then move back to the foyer and open the front door. Move east seven times then climb the garbage bin.

Use the blanket on the barbed wire fence so you can safely climb over it.

Climb over the construction fence, move down to get off the scaffolding then move south.

Take the pry bar in the construction area.

Take the wire cutters in the construction area.

Go back to the main road and move east until you reach the opening in the fence leading to the abandoned factory. Move south to enter the fence the west to round the corner.

Use the pry bar on the loose board.

Take the wooden plank you removed from the abandoned factory window.

Enter the factory window then move east.

Take the meat hook (in the old freezer of the abandoned factory).

Exit the factory (east 2 x) then move north, north, east then north to enter the alley beside the apartment building. Use the wire cutters on the link fence.

Move north through the fence opening then enter the police cruiser. Examine the small bag and take the key set that is found.

Go to the ferry terminal (from the police cruiser: up, south, south, east, south) then open the east door. Move east three times then take the rope.

Move west out of the ferry terminal cleaning closet then move north into the men’s washroom. Examine the cleaning cart to find the van key.

Exit the ferry terminal then unlock and enter the van parked outside. Examine the clip board to find and take the maintenance key.

Unlock and open the back door to the police station (from the cleaning van move up to exit the van, then move north then east) then move north, north, west then west again.

Examine the desks that are in the large room of the police station then read (examine) the formal letter that is found.

Exit the police station and go to the large apartment building. Open and enter the main door then unlock and open the second door. Move north to enter the building.

Make your way up to the 8th floor using the stairs to the east or west then unlock the door to apartment 804. Open the door then enter it.

Take the lighter on the small table inside apartment 804.

Exit the apartment building then enter the abandoned house once again. Make your way to the kitchen and take the oil lantern.

Use the meat hook on the rope to make a grappling hook.

Open the abandoned house’s kitchen door to the south and move south. Use the grappling hook on the metal staircase to pull it down within reach.

Climb up the metal staircase (up) then enter the broken window.

Light the lanter by using the lighter on it.

Move north and use the wooden plank on the floor gap that is found in the second floor area of the abandoned house.

Move north then examine the wallet found in the dark room to find and take the electronic key.

Exit the abandoned house then enter the police station once again. Make sure that you visit the area near the Records room and where you see the woman typing on the computer. It is at the end of the main hall that you use to enter the police station.

Use the stairs to go to the lower level of the police station (near the back door) and use the electronic key on the electronic lock. Open the door to the west then enter it.

Unlock and enter the door to the north then turn off the breaker for the “Communications Office”. To do this, just move the breaker.

Go gack up the stairs and find yourself in the “Communications Office”.

Open the key press to find and take the “Evidence Key”.

Exit the “Communications Office” by moving west and hide in the “Records Room”. Open the door to the east then make your way back to the basement of the Poilice Station. Unlock the electronically locked door once again and at the end of the hall, unlock and enter the “Evidence Room”.

Open the large package to find a tranqulizer gun and darts.

Use the darts on the tranquilizer gun to load a dart into the chamber.

Take the loaded tranquilizer gun.

Exit the “Evidence Room” by moving east then bove north. Use the tranquilizer gun on Officer Randy.

Examine Officer Randy to find and take the cell key.

Unlock the cell door.

Exit the police station with the three other men by moving going back up the stairs to the second floor.