Take the Key Ring.

Use Pocket Knife on Seatbelt.

Exit the broken windows.

Move east, north then west to get to the back yard of the house.

Take the shovel.

Move east, north then west to where the front door of the house is.

Open the front door (open south door) then move south.

Open the garage door (open west door) then move west into the garage.

Take the long ladder.

Move east twice to the kitchen and examine the drawers to find the flashlight.

Take the flashlight.

Move south to the living room and move the large rug to reveal the trap door. The screwdriver is found much later on – don’t worry about it for now.

Exit the house (north, west, north from the living room) then move west, north then east to where the collapsed bridge is.

Use the long ladder on the collapsed bridge.

Move east over the collapsed bridge then south along the path.

Take the oar.

Move north, east, south then west then enter the barn by moving south.

Move south again (barn will collapse, blocking the front exit) then open the stall door to the west. Move west inside the stall.

Take the coiled rope.

Move east, open the other stall door to the east then enter it by again moving east. Take the pry bar.

Move west (between the stalls) then move up by moving the joystick to the top-left position. Once you climb the ladder, move south.

Tie the coiled tope to the large beam (use cloiled rope on large beam).

Climb down the rope by moving the joystick to the bottom-left position.

Move east, north, west, north then east twice to find the red car on the side of the road.

Enter the red car.

Take the car key.

Take the silver key.

Pop the hood of the car by moving the hood latch.

Exit the car by moving up, then move west three times. Move north to where the front door of the second house is.

Unlock the front door (unlock north door) then open and enter it.

Move north then west then open the door to the north. Once opened, enter it by moving north.

Examine the crude drawings in the boy’s bedroom of the second house.

Exit the boy’s bedroom by moving south then move east, north then east to the kitchen.

Use the pry bar on the stuck door to the south to open it.

Move south then down the stairs. Open the door to the south then enter it by moving south again.

Take the bolt cutters.

Exit the house (north, up, north, west, south, south, south) then move around to the back yard by going west, north, then east. Move to the small clearing by again moving east.

Enter the oak tree (now that you have seen the boy’s drawings and know the tree house is there) by climbing the tree.

Take the wrench.

Climb down out of the tree house then go all the way back to where the red car is and use the wrench on the large battery (or wires) to remove it from the car.

Take the large battery from the red car.

Go all the way back to where the large tree, treehouse and canoe are. Use the bolt cutters on the rusty chain holding the canoe to the tree.

Enter the canoe (once you have cut the chain away from it and are carrying the oar).

Move west then north then exit the canoe my moving up.

Move north then east to where the solar charger is.

Use the large battery on the solar charger to charge it.

Enter the canoe again (first move west then south) then move east to where the small beach is. Exit the canoe.

Move east to the road then move north, west, north then west again to where the logs collapses and where the corpse is pinned.

Examine the corpse.

Take the smart phone found on the corpse.

Take the copper key also found on the corpse.

Move west then take the gas can near the ATV.

Move east twice then north then unlock the trailer door. Once unlocked, open and enter it by moving north. Go to the back of the trailer by moving east.

Take the charger.

Go all the way back to the overturned van that you crashed in at the very beginning of the game (use the map) then use the gas can on the van to fill it with fuel.

Go back to where the red car is then use the now filled gas can on the red car. Use the large battery you charged with the solar charger on the red car as well. Make sure you use the wrench on the battery (or the wires) then enter the red car once again.

Start the car by using the key ring on the ignition then drive east.

Exit the car (by moving up) then move east, south then east to enter the partially collapsed house.

Take the cinder block.

Move west, north then east to where the large display window of the shabby store is.

Use the cinder block on the display window to break it.

Enter the window then move east then south. Take a replacement chainsaw chain.

Make your way to the other side of the counter by moving north, west, west, south, south, east then north.

Take the batteries.

Use the batteries on the flashlight.

Exit the store by moving south, west, north, north, east then north. Move east then north to find yourself near the school front doors.

Open the front doors of the school (open front doors).

Enter the school by moving north then move north again, west then west. Open the classroom door to the north then enter it.

Examine the project posters in the north-west classroom.

Move south then east then open the door to the south. Move south to enter the classroom then take the metal detector.

Exit the school that make your way around to the north-east corner of the school yard (east then north when in near the school front doors). move the rock slab off the dirt mound (move rock slab).

Dig up the time capsule by using the shovel on the dirt mound.

Examine or open the time capsule then read (examine) the letters found inside.

Go to the sandbox (south, west then west again from the time capsule) then use the metal detector on the sandbox.

Take the key found inside the sandbox.

From the sandbox, move east, south, east then east again. Open and enter the east door of the duplex.

Unlock the door to the south (apartment #2 – apartment #1 can never be entered) then open it. Move south then up then take the bronze key.

Move north then east then open and enter the south door.

Examine the small toolbox.

Take the screwdriver found in the toolbox.

Unlock and enter the Fire Chief’s office. From main town intersection, move south, west then open and enter the south door.

Take the tagged key from inside the Fire Chief’s office.

Make your way all the way back to the very first house then enter it. Go to the living room where you moved the rug then use the screwdriver on the trap door.

Enter the trap door (only once your flashlight is fitted with new batteries).

Take the hose length from inside the trap door.

Go back to the house with the tree that has fallen over the shelter doors (across the lake to the north) then go to the north side where the large truck is. Use the hose length on the truck to prepare it for siphoning.

Use the gas gan on the hose length to siphon the fuel from the truck.

Go all the way back to the rear of the school in the town then unlock and enter the door to the electrical room. Once inside, use the gas can (with the fuel) on the fuel tak for the generator.

Use the smart phone charger on the power outlet to power it.

Use the smart phone on the charger that is plugged into the running generator.

Examine the smart phone to get the combination for the safe back in the trailer near the logging road.

Go all the way back to the trailer near the logging road (and the logs over the corpse). Enter the trailer then move east to get near the safe. Open the safe with the combination you found on the smart phone (open safe).

Take the ATV key found inside the safe of the trailer.

Enter the ATV (move west, south, west then west again) then use the key ring on the ignition to start it up.

Ride the ATV north then exit it by moving up. Walk north the east to the clearing.

Take the chainsaw.

Use the new chain found in the store on the chainsaw to replace the rusty chain.

Go back to the house where the tree has fallen over the shelter doors then use the chainsaw on the tree to cut it away.

Open the shelter doors then enter them. Once inside, go down the stairs making sure you still have the working flashlight.

Move east then examine the corpse to find the small key.

Take the small key you found on the corpse in the shelter.

Make your way to the front of the same house (near where the large truck is that you siphoned the fuel from). Unlock, open then enter the door to the south.

Go to Steve’s bedroom (south, east, east then north from inside the front door).

Examine the jeans then take the access key that was found in one of the pockets.

Go all the way back to town but make sure you take the long ladder that spans the collapsed bridge first. You’ll need it again soon. Once in town, go to the roof access on the west side of the school. Use your key ring on the thick lock.

Climb to the roof of the school by moving up (near the roof access).

Climb down off the school roof then go back near the church. Moving towards the duplex, stop under the broken window.

Use the ladder on the broken window to lean it against the wall of the church.

Move up the ladder then enter the broken window of the church.

Enter the Pastor’s office by moving west, down then south (after opening the door to the south).

Examine the bible or sermon notes then move north. Open the door to the sanctuary (east) then move east to talk to Jack.

Go back to the Fire Hall and enter the office. To get there from outside the Fire Chief’s office, move east twice then south. Examine the filing cabinets to read the file.

Go to the site of the fire and talk to Robert. To get there, move north from the main intersection of the town.

Visit Jack and Robert one final time to finish the game. From the site of the fire, move south, east, east, south then south again. The End!