The Forgotten Nightmare is not your average game. In fact, at first glance you might think of it as a bit of a joke. I mean seriously, no graphics or sound at all? What kind of game is that? Long before quality graphics and sound was available on game systems, there were playable stories. Some have called them ‘Interactive Fiction’, others ‘Text Adventure Games’. Instead of using the machine’s graphic and sound capabilities, they used the player’s imagination. This game has been specifically designed to reignite that lost game genre while implementing a modern interface that makes for a surprisingly refreshing gaming experience.

When these classic style adventure games were at their peak, the player was responsible for making notes as they played so as to not get lost. With this game, a simulated hand-drawn map is available of all previously explored areas. Commands at one time had to be typed as well! That is no longer necessary as all commands can be entered using the provided buttons. Of course, for those who miss that nostalgic ‘Text Adventure Game’ experience, feel free to type the commands if you want. A joystick is also included to allow for quick navigation and also gives the ability to quickly ‘look around’. And if you get stuck, hints are readily available to help you get on your way again.

This Christian themed story begins with an accident. An accident that leaves you, as the player, unable to recall not only where you are, but who you are as well. Awakening in an overturned van, being suspended by your seatbelt, you must first figure a way of escape. Once free to explore the area, you find yourself in a world that not only seems strangely empty, but openly hostile as well. As the story unfolds and your memory begins to return, you begin to question whether these strange happenings are limited to the immediate area. If your experience of this small town is reflective of the state of the world, then things are certainly not as they used to be!

A word of warning! This seemingly dark tale is refreshed by a large number of humorous responses that if caught unaware, may have you bursting out in spontaneous laughter. This may cause embarrassment if played in a public place. In fact, no matter how many hours are spent playing this game, it would be nearly impossible to discover every comical response.

But really, could a game of this caliber truly have the power engage a player? A game without the advanced audio and video quality we’ve come to expect from modern entertainment? There is only one way to find out. Give it a try and discover why this hidden gem has quickly become loved by many who have decided to do so themselves. Some have even dared to say that it is the best game they have ever played. You may be surprised at how quickly and easily the story draws you in!

The first chapter in the series is free and I will soon be making all sequels free as well. If you believe that the project is valuable and you would like to help, then there are many ways to get involved. I will soon be looking at translations into other languages and will be looking for volunteers to help with text translation/proofreading. Use the “Contact Us” menu item or email me at support@theforgottennightmare.com. One of the best ways of helping is to tell your friends about it.



Chris Radford