Welcome to The Forgotten Nightmare!

My first experience with text adventure games was on the Commodore Vic-20. I quickly grew to love them! After becoming a Christian in September of 1994, I wanted to not only revive the text adventure game genre, but also wanted to share my faith and the hope Jesus gives to those who don't know him. I started writing a phone/tablet based game and finished the first version for the Windows Phone in 2011. After that, I worked on versions for Android, PC, and Apple devices. With The Forgotten Nightmare part 1 finished for these platforms, I wrote parts 2 and 3 which are available on Google Play, the Windows Store, and the Apple store.

Though I'd like to say I'll continue writing text adventure games, I have hung up the programming hat for now as I look into a new career of pastoral ministry. Maybe one day God will call me back to writing games. Who knows? But for now, please enjoy the three versions that exist in the various stores.

If you want to connect or send a comment, you can find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheForgottenNightmareGame/

Thank you for playing!