The Forgotten Nightmare 3 – 1st Section done!

I’ve just completed the first section of the 3rd chapter in the series. I plan (so far) to have 3 sections: the first playing as John again, then a switch to playing as another character in another area of the world, then back to playing as John again.

I just did a spell-check on the 1st section and it is over 24,000 words! That’s including all the responses of course!

Chapter 3 in the works!

After quite a while of ‘Writer’s Block’, I’ve started writing part 3 once again. I’ll keep this web site updated as it progresses. When it is nearly finished, I’ll be looking for Beta testers! Here is the introduction to Chapter 3 as it stands (which may change prior to release):


An unusually large crowd gathers near the Western Wall in Jerusalem. At its center, a stately looking man stands poises with arms and head raised to heaven muttering silently under his breath. Some from the crowd stand transfixed in anxious expectation while others wear a queer smile showing their growing skepticism. When a few uneventful minutes pass, snickers start to grow within the crowd. In a flash, the snickers fade and are quickly exchanged for gasps of awe as a huge column of fire suddenly falls from the sky completely engulfing the man in the center of the crowd. Some closest to the front raise their arms in an attempt to shield their faces from the intense heat, being careful not to cover their eyes completely and miss the action. A woman’s scream breaks the silence from the crowd as others soon join her in her concern over the safety of the man. Through the flames, the obscured figure is seen to clap his hands above his head and in a flash, the flames disappear. There are sudden gasps from the crowd and when it becomes evident that the man is completely unscathed and that even his clothes appear untouched by the flames, applause erupts.

The man raises his hands to silence the crowd and as the applause dies off, he addresses them in a commanding voice, “This was no magic trick! What you have just witnessed is just a taste of the power entrusted to me and I promise you that you will see even greater signs than this! I have come to be a witness, a witness of the power of God himself. You may know him by different names, but whatever name you know him by, he is the one true God and the miracle you have witnessed today is just one example of the power that he will demonstrate through me. This is a marvelous age, a glorious age when God himself walks among men. He has brought peace in our time. A peace that many said was impossible, but with God, all things are possible! He is the Prince of peace, God of gods and I stand before you here today to tell you that he now walks among us. Though he has had many names, you know him by his earthly name: Markus Bernhoft.”